International Competition for soloists of woodwind and brass instruments “VENTUS MUSICALE“

The competition will be held on 7-9th of April, 2017 at Balys Dvarionas Ten Years Music School (Kosciuškos street 13, VILNIUS) .

The organizers of the competition „VENTUS MUSICALE“ are Balys Dvarionas Ten Years Music School and public institution ”Muzikos takas”.

The schoolchildren from music, art and secondary art schools are welcome to take part in the competition.

Participant registration fee: – 20 Eur

The rules of the competition

1.1 Participants will be divided in age groups as follows:

Group A      up to 10 years old

Group B     10-12 years old

Group C     13-15 years old

Group D     16-19 years old


1.2  All the participants of the competition perform:

Group A    up to 7 min.

Group B    up to 10 min.

Group C    up to 12 min.

Group D    up to 15 min.


2. The participants of the competition must perform obligatory music piece for  each age group and freely chosen music piece from different century.

3. The programme  must be played by heart.

4. The Organizing Committee will invite the Jury of the competition.

5. All participants of the competition and their teachers are awarded with acknowledgement diploma. 

6. The winners of the competition are awarded with diploma and special prizes.

7. A seminar will be held and educators awarded with qualification certificates.

8.1 Applications of the festival-competition should be sent not later than 10th of  March, 2017 by address:

„VENTUS MUSICALE“ woodwinds:

„VENTUS MUSICALE“ brass instruments :

8.2  Fee should be transferred to the account of the public institution, ”Muzikos takas”:

Bank : AB SWEDBANK , account No: LT 417300010076563358

All expenses are paid by participants. Please indicate the names and surnames of the participants on the transfer.

8.3  The  organizer of the competition is not responsible for participants’ travelling and accommodation expenses.


Organizing Committee:

The Head of Balys Dvarionas Ten Years Music School 

Laimutė Užkuraitienė


Deputy Director 

Irena Karsokienė


Coordinator of the musical projects

Vaida Beinarienė


Chief of the woodwind department – Vilija Filmanavičienė (mobile +37068659968)

Chief of the brass instrument  department -Algis Šuminas (mobile +37068641664)

Teacher of the woodwind department  Marius Pupkovas


Obligatory work for woodwind instruments



A gr. H. Lippmann Tanz der Harlekine

B gr. A. Falconieri La Suave Melodia, Sua Corrente (soprano or tenor recorder)

C gr. G. Ph. Telemann Sonata in e minor (TWV 41:e2) Vivace

D gr. G. P. Cima Sonata (soprano or tenor recorder)


A gr. G. B. Bononcini Rondo

B gr. D. Ortiz Recercada segunda

C gr. A. Corelli Sonata in C major (op.5 Nr.9) Preliudio, Giga

D gr. A. Corelli Sonata in F major (op.5 Nr. 4)


A gr. A. Striaupaitė – Beinarienė My Goatling

B gr. R. Šerkšnytė Fairy-tale

C gr. J. Pakalnis Nocturne

D gr. J. Pakalnis Melody


A gr. V. Bagdonas Song

B gr. R. Žigaitis Herding Song

C gr. V. Striaupaitė-Beinarienė Through The Forest

D gr. B. Dvarionas Scherzo


A gr. F. J. Gossec Gavotte

B gr. B. Dvarionas, J. Jasenka Waltz

C gr. W. A. Mozart Rondo

D gr. W. A. Mozart Rondo


A gr. R. Žigaitis Song

B gr. Ch. Gounod Waltz from opera “Faust”

C gr. A. Crepin Nuits Blanches

D gr. J. S. Bach Sonata g-moll, Allegro


Obligatory work for brass instruments


A gr. W. A. Mozart The Spring

B gr. J. K. F. Fisher March

C gr. I. Mezö Dance

D gr. W.A. Mozart Concert for Horn No1 D-dur KV412 ( IId movement)


A gr. F. Schubert Ecossaises (Scottich Dances)

B gr. Anonymous The British Grenadiers

C gr. M. Chenette Halagueno

D gr. T. Hansen Sonata op. 18 ( Id movement)


A gr. J. S. Bach Minuet

B gr. A. Khachaturian Andantino

C gr. V. Cook Altair

D gr. E. Ball Moutain melody


A gr. A. Diabelli Allegretto

B gr. L. van Beethoven Ecossaise

C gr. V. Paketūras A little scherzo

D gr. D. Shostakovich Introduction and Dance from the Ballet “Lady and the Hooligan“


A gr. M. Praetorius Allegretto

B gr. Danų liaudies daina Scuhmacher-Tanz

C gr. J. S. Bach Musette

D gr. A. Vivaldi Allegro


A gr. W. A. Mozart Allegretto

B gr. H. Purcell Rigaudon

C gr. D. Shostakovich The Doll

D gr. L. Mozart Burre

International Competition for soloists of woodwind and brass instruments „VENTUS MUSICALE“ 7th-9th of April, 2017 APPLICATION FORM download link